Why Facebook?

With hundreds of millions of active accounts worldwide, Facebook (see Facebook’s full statistics page) is a universal platform for candid conversations amongst “friends.” By logging in through Facebook Connect, Stucck users can invite their Facebook social network to comment and vote on the products they’re comparing for purchase. Stucck aggregates your Facebook friends› feedback in real time — ultimately, helping you make a more informed purchase decision based on advice from people you trust.

Countless web sites and applications already exist that use buyers› ratings systems and product reviews, expert opinions and recommendations to influence what you purchase. But as you may be aware, these features are usually inundated with marketers’ paid content intended to make their product rise to the top of the consideration set, which makes choosing what to buy even more confusing, frustrating and difficult.

Stucck is the first and only virtual application that uses peer-to-peer social networks as a consumer’s decision engine for purchasing goods. It applies an age-old truth about the value of personal recommendations — often referred to as word-of-mouth advertising — and puts the power squarely in your corner. With your friends’ two cents, you can be more confident as you shop and more satisfied with your purchases.